Have you ever wanted to change something in your life?

Access Consciousness® is a set of pragmatic tools that can be used to change anything in your life.  It empowers individuals to help find what truly works for them based on what they already know.

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory®

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Access Bars ® are a set of 32 points on the head which, when lightly touched, help to facilitate positive changes and release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive.  It’s as if you are cleaning the hard drive on your computer. 

Do you find yourself stuck and falling back into the same patterns over and over again? This technique can help break that cycle and release all of the thoughts, feelings and emotions related to these patterns.  Access Bars can be used to change many aspects of your life including stress, money, health, sex, relationships, career etc. 

90 minutes - $85

60 minutes - $65

[Nov 10, 2018 ,  Art Spring, Salt Spring Island, BC]

Tenor Soloist

Bach Cantata 40

Handel Chandos Anthem No. 9

Bach on the Rock

Simply Baroque